We welcome you to our site and hope you find the information interesting and helpful. We will be updating it monthly shortly after the Regular Township Meeting. Please let us hear from you with your questions, comments, or improvements you would like to see us make. We invite you to attend our Regular Township Meetings usually held at 4:00 PM on the second Monday and at 7:00 PM on the last Monday; both at the Twp. Administration Building.


bulletBeginning June 3, 2021, the Board of Trustees, Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals will welcome the community to attend their meetings in person. Citizens are requested to comply with State and CDC mandates including wearing masks if they are not two weeks past their COVID vaccinations.  Go-to Meeting broadcasts will be discontinued.  Additionally, the Township Administration Building is now open during normal business hours, typically at a minimum, Monday Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The Township will continue to adhere to State and CDC guidance and, therefore, future changes to this policy are possible.

bulletThe Medina County Soil & Water District and Medina County Park District have announced the launch of the 2024 Medina County Invasive Species Buy-Back Program, aimed at encouraging our community to remove invasive species from their properties and promote a healthier local ecosystem.  Please go to https://medinaswcd.org/callery-pear/ for details about this program that ends August 30, 2024.

bulletGranger Township is accepting resident applications for the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. To apply, simply leave your name and phone number with the township at 330 239-3611. A Trustee will return your call with further information about the interview process.

bulletELECTRIC AGGREGATION: Granger Township has opted into the Medina County Electric Aggregation Plan for its residents.  As a result, Residents were automatically opted to participate in the plan and its reduced rates unless they took the extra step to opt out of the plan in writing.  Residents have the option to do so once every three years.   Those who did not opt out will enjoy the currently negotiated rate until May 2025.  That rate is $.065 per kWh.  To learn more about the program please visit medinaco.org then choose the ABOUT tab and ELECTRIC AGGRESSION tab. If you are unsure if you opted out, please review your electric bill.  It should show your supplier as Energy Harbor or call 1-866-636-3749 with questions.

Jan 9 Trustees - SPCL MTG 4:00 pm
Jan 9 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Jan 11 Trustees 4:00 pm
Jan 23 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
Jan 25 Trustees Public Hrng 6:30 pm
Jan 25 Trustees 7:00 pm
Jan 31 Trustees Spcl Mtg 5:00 pm
Feb 13 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Feb 26 Trustees 7:00 pm
Feb 27 Zoning Appeals  Cancel
Mar 7 Trustees - SPCL MTG 3:00 pm
Mar 11 Trustees Public Hrng 3:30 pm
Mar 11 Trustees 4:00 pm
Mar 12 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Mar 25 Trustees  7:00 pm
Mar 26 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
Apr 9 Zoning Commission Cancel
Apr 15 Trustees Cancel  
Apr 16 Trustees 4:00 pm  
Apr 29 Trustees 7:00 pm
Apr 30 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
May 13 Trustees 4:00 pm
May 14 Zoning Commission Cancel
May 21 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
May 29 Trustees 7:00 pm
Jun 10 Trustees 4:00 pm
Jun 11 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Jun 18 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
Jun 24 Records Commission 7:00 pm
Jun 24 Trustees 7:00 pm
Jul 8 Trustees 4:00 pm
Jul 9 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Jul 29 Trustees 7:00 pm
Jul 30 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
Aug 12 Trustees 4:00 pm
Aug 13 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Aug 26 Trustrees  7:00 pm
Aug 27 Zoning Appeals 6:30pm
Sep 9 Trustees 4:00 pm
Sep 10 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Sep 24 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
Sep 30 Trustees 7:00 pm
Oct 8 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Oct 14 Trustees 4:00 pm
Oct 28 Trustees 7:00 pm
Oct 29 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
Nov 12 Zonning Commission 7:00 pm
Nov19 Trustees 7:00 pm
Nov 26 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
Dec 10 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Dec 16 Trustees 4:00 pm
Dec 30 Trustees 7:00 pm
Dec 31 Zoning Appeals 6:30 pm
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