We welcome you to our site and hope you find the information interesting and helpful. We will be updating it monthly shortly after the Regular Township Meeting. Please let us hear from you with your questions, comments, or improvements you would like to see us make. We invite you to attend our Regular Township Meetings usually held at 7:00 PM on the second Monday and at 4:00 PM on the fourth Monday; both at the Twp. Administration Building.



bulletWhile the State’s Stay at Home Order is in effect, questions and comments may be directed to 330.239.3611 and/or e-mailed to grangertwp.org.  Because of the current public environment, a response may be delayed.  If it is an emergency please call 9-1-1.

bulletA Special Meeting to consider Application #110051 - a preliminary planned development district application from Tom O’Neill for Menard, Inc., a Wisconsin Corporation for the Market at Medina Line. (Northwest corner of State Route 18 and Medina Line Road, east of Pinnacle Sports) WILL NOT occur until the State’s Stay at Home Order and ban on large gatherings is lifted.

bulletThe Granger Township Board of Trustees Meeting of April 13, 2020 has been cancelled.

bulletThe Granger Township Zoning Commission Meeting of April 14, 2020 has been cancelled

bulletThe Granger Township Boad of Zoning Appeals Meeting of April 28, 2020 has been cancelled

bulletThe Granger Township Board of Trustees Meeting of May 11, 2020 has been moved to Thursday, May 14,  2020.  The time remains 7:00 PM.

bulletThe Granger Township Zoning Commission Meetings are cancelled until further notice. 

Happy Birthday Granger Township 2020 has arrived and Granger Township  turns 200 this Year!  Planning has been underway for over a year for the big celebration occurring June 26th-28th.  Be sure to mark your calendars now, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do so too.  Watch for other events through the year beginning with a February 9th re-enactment of the signing of Granger’s documents to officially become a township.  It will be held at the Allardale Lodge and is co-sponsored by the county parks.  We continue to accept donations which will help to cover these expenses. Donations may be tax deductible (consult your tax consultant). Please consider making a donation.

Jan 9 Trustees Special Mtg 6:00 pm
Jan 9 Trustees 7:00 pm
Jan 14 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Jan 27 Trustees 4:00 pm
Jan 28 Zoning Appeals Cancelled
Feb 11 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Feb 25 Zoning Appeals Cancelled
Feb 26 Trustees 7:00 pm
Mar 9 Trustees 7:00 pm
Mar 10 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Mar 12 Trustees SPECIAL Cancelled
Mar 23 Trustees 4:00 pm
Mar 31 Zoning Appeals Cancelled
Apr 2 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Apr 13 Trustees Cancelled  
Apr 14 Zoning Commission Cancelled
Apr 27 Trustees 4:00 pm
Apr 28 Zoning Appeals  Cancelled
May 12 Zoning Commission Cancelled
May 14 Trustees 7:00 pm
May 26 Trustrees 4:00 pm
May 26 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Jun 8 Trustees 7:00 pm
Jun 9 Zoning Commission Cancelled
Jun 22  Trustees 4:00 pm
Jun 30 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Jul 13 Trustees 7:00 pm
Jul 14 Zoning Commission Cancelled
Jul 27 Trustees 4:00 pm
Jul 28 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Aug 10 Trustees 7:00 pm
Aug 11 Zoning Commission Cancelled
Aug 24 Trustees 4:00 pm
Aug 25 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Sep 8 Zoning Commission Cancelled
Sep 14 Trustees 7:00 pm
Sep 28 Trustees 4:00 pm
Sep 29 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Oct 12 Trustees 7:00 pm
Oct 13 Zoning Commission Cancelled
Oct 26 Trustees 4:00 pm
Oct 27 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Nov 9 Trustees 7:00 pm
Nov 10 Zoning Commission Cancelled
Nov 19 Trustees 4:00 pm
Nov 24 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Dec 8 Zoning Commission Cancelled
Dec 14 Trustees 7:00 pm
Dec 29 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Dec 30 Trustees 4:00 pm
You may contact the township via e-mail (grangertwp@grangertwp.org)
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330/239-3611 FAX: 239-9921
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