We welcome you to our site and hope you find the information interesting and helpful. We will be updating it monthly shortly after the Regular Township Meeting. Please let us hear from you with your questions, comments, or improvements you would like to see us make. We invite you to attend our Regular Township Meetings usually held at 7:30 PM on the second Monday and at 4:00 PM on the fourth Monday; both at the Twp. Administration Building.


The Granger Township Firefighters Association will host their annual Chicken BBQ on Saturday, September 21, 2019 from noon to 7:00 PM (or until sold out).  The cost of a chicken dinner is $9.00 and pizza dinner are available for $5.00.  All proceeds benefit the Granger Township Firefighters Association.

bulletTrick-or-Treat in Granger Township will be Sunday, October 27. 2019 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Happy Birthday Granger Township We have big plans for our bicentennial birthday bash, including fireworks, a parade, a theater presentation, and lots more. How many of the ideas can be implemented will depend on the donations we receive.  The Township budget has been prepared to accept donations which will help to cover these expenses. Donations may be tax deductible (consult your tax consultant). Please consider making a donation.  Although we know that the bicentennial events are more than a year away, we need to start our fund raising now so that we can see what we will be able to include in our birthday bash.

Happy Birthday Granger Township Granger Township will be celebrating its Bicentennial in 2020. In order to have a great birthday bash, we are forming a Bicentennial Committee to plan the celebration and we need your help! If interested in helping, please contact Roberta Gifford at 330.239.2169 or rgiff62@roadrunner.com.

June  24 Trustees 4:00 pm
June 25 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
July 8 Trustees 7:30 pm
July 9 Trustees 4:00 pm
July 11 Zoning Commission 7:30 pm
July 22 Trustee 4:00 pm
July 30 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Aug 6 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Aug 8 Trustees 4:00 pm
Aug 13 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Aug 22 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Aug 26 Trustees 4:00 pm
Sept 9 Trustees 7:30 pm  
Sept 10 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Sept 23 Trustees 4:00 pm
Sept 24 Zoning Appeals  7:00 pm
Oct  8 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Oct 14 Trustees 7:30 pm
Oct 28 Trustrees 4:00 pm
Oct 29 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Nov 11 Trustees 7:30 pm
Nov 12 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Nov 21 Trustees 4:00 pm
Nov 26 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Dec 10 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
Dec 16 Trustees 7:30 pm
Dec 17 Zoning Appeals 7:00 pm
Dec 30 Trustees 4:00 pm
Jan 13 Trustees 7:30 pm
Jan 14 Zoning Commission 7:00 pm
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