Phase I of the Granger Township Park on Ridge Rd. (to the side and rear of the Fire Station) has been completed. Currently it has a regulation size baseball and soccer field, along with adequate parking. They will be playable this spring pending field conditions. The Zoning Inspector is in charge of issuing permits. You may contact her at 330/239-3611 ext. 11. A picnic pavilion, provided by the generosity of the Medina Rotary Club. The large structure holds six 12' picnic tables.


We are also fortunate to have one of Medina County's newest parks located in Granger. It is called "Allardale" in honor of long-time Granger residents Stanley and Esther Allard, who donated the land. There is a lovely wallk and many different species of trees in the park. It is located on Remsen Rd, 1/4 mile West of Medina Line Rd.


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