Applying for a Private Swimming Pool Zoning Permit:

Private swimming pools, exclusive of portable swimming pools with a diameter of less than twelve feet or with an area of less than one hundred square feet, shall be located behind the setback line of the principal building on the lot. The pool is not to be used for commercial use. It may not be located closer than 30 feet to the rear lot line and 15 feet to the side lot line. Swimming pool, or the entire property on which it is located shall be walled or fenced. Said fence shall not be less than four feet in height and maintained in good condition with gate and lock.

  1. Plot plan showing exact dimensions of the lot, location of all existing structures, the types of buildings and their uses, as well as the location of the pool.

  2. Application for Zoning Permit. This form may be obtained from the Zoning Inspector.

  3. A county permit is also required for private pools (electrical).

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