Zoning Permits:

Are REQUIRED for all new structures, decks, additions of any kind, barns (including agricultural uses), storage units of any size (including portable small storage sheds), ponds, lakes, and pools (both in-ground and above ground). Fences: Granger Township does not require a zoning permit for a fence.

Before construction, changing the use of, or altering any buildings, or changing the use of any premises, applications shall be made to the Zoning Inspector for a Zoning Permit.

Applying for a Zoning Permit:
Residential additions, accessory buildings, and decks
Ponds and Lakes
Private Swimming Pools

Conditional Zoning Permits:
Commercial district both C-1 and C-2: All new construction, additions, accessory buildings, or any change of use requires a conditional zoning permit.

Applying for a Conditional Zoning Permit (Application for Non-Conforming Use):
Conditional Zoning Permit

Applying for a Variance:
Application for a Variance

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