Applying for a Residential Additions, Accessory Buildings, and Decks Zoning Permit:

Accessory buildings require a permit. They are buildings or structures located upon the same lot as the main building, ie sheds, unattached garage, gazebo, decks etc. Accessory buildings which are not a part of the main building shall not be located closer than twenty-five (25) feet from the main building and shall be located no less than fifteen (15) feet behind the front line of the main building. Accessory buildings shall not be located closer to lot lines than the minimum rear yard requirements of the district in which they are located. An accessory building or buildings which is/are not part of the main building shall not occupy more than thirty (30) percent of the rear yard. Accessory buildings shall be limited to twenty-five (25) feet in height.

  1. Site/Plot plan drawn to scale, showing location of existing buildings, setbacks, side and rear yard dimensions.

  2. Application for Zoning Permit. This form may be obtained from the Zoning Inspector.

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