Subdivision Final Plat Requirements for Granger Township Signature:
  1. Copy of Conditional Approval from Appeals Board

  2. Final Plat Approval from Medina County Planning Commission

  3. Signature of Health Department

  4. Signature of Engineer's Office

  5. Signature on Zoning Notification Agreement. This form may be obtained from the Zoning Inspector.

  6. Fire pond/cistern completed and filled, and a bond/letter of credit guarantee in the amount of $20,000.00.

  7. Road completed with signs in place

Zoning Requirements

  1. We need 16 copies of subdivision prints by the last day of prior month before meeting. If the last day of the month falls on a weekend, then the deadline will be the Friday before.

  2. Prints need to show the fire pond with all accurate dimensions of pond, pond setback from right-of-way, side yards and rear yards.

  3. Pond needs to be approved by the Granger Township Fire Chief.

  4. Pond needs a permit first from Medina County and then from Granger Township.

  5. Zoning Regulations permit a 2' x 4' builder's sign which needs to be 40' off of pavement edge, and needs a six month renewable permit (no fee) from Granger Township.

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